Kroon Information Systems

  • CIFS + pam_mount ()
    Some help on setting up pam_mount to play nice with CIFS. I found this is a rather attractive alternative for replacing NFS and all the insecurities that goes with NFS. NFS may result in slightly faster operation but with over a 1000 users my first concern is, and probably always will be, security.
  • Digitec GNX4 and Linux ()
    How to make the GNX4 guitar effects processor work with Linux.
  • qmail and mailman ()
    A short document describing how I got qmail and mailman to work together. This took me about a week to figure out so I hope you will find this usefull.
  • iptables and MAC access control ()
    iptables with MAC based access control. This idea came forth while investigating methods of controlling access to a gateway host (both forwarding and input) that depends both upon the destination port and the MAC address of the source machine. The reason we wanted this was becaus it's an ad-hoc network and anyone has the ability to simply jack a cable into one of the switches and then have full internet access.
  • IPTables: Personal Firewall ()
    I've been bugged once too many by people wanting to know how to configure iptables in a personal firewall fashion, and even on personal routers (like sharing an ADSL connection between multiple machines).
  • Toshiba Satellite P10-792 howto ()
    This howto describes my experiences with my Toshiba Satellite P10-792 notebook. In it I try to explain how to get everything working as it should, mostly concentrating on Linux as that is by far the operating system that I prefer.
  • Linux BIOS update ()
    This howto describes a quick way of updating your BIOS from Linux (Or most other non-Microsoft operating systems).

Some howtos I wrote on other sites:

  • Version Controlled /etc
    This howto describes how and why to place you /etc directory in subversion.
  • Dealing with SPAM
    This one is aimed specifically as Wikis. Like the one the page was written on.
  • Installing Linux on DiskOnChip Devices
    I had the dubious priviledge of making m0n0wall run off a thinclient that only had a DOC harddrive. In the process of trying to make that work I took the opportunity to build a small Linux system as well.
  • and 5-button mice
    Well, my personal 5-button mouse took a while to make work, and some other people asked, so here it is.
  • SSH Agent
    Well, what more do I need to say. Purely a convenience tool, especially if you use ssh a lot, allows you to ssh from one machine to another without having to remember hundreds of passwords.

Planned howtos:

  • distributed UNIX systems using OpenLDAP+nss_ldap. I've found some documentation on doing this but for me everything is either not enough information or too much technical jargon.
  • autofs (+CIFS). Well, supermount is cool. But supermount is not what I want for remote shares. And autofs is a nice alternative. A friend of mine described it as "old-school" but I find it works rather nicely.
  • Distributed UNIX environment using Samba3+OpenLDAP+pam_mount+nss_ldap+pam_ldap/pem_smbd. This will be specifically aimed at lab administrators.