Kroon Information Systems

  • abacus
    Abacus is a colaborative project aiming to write software which can be used to replace PC2 with, which is used to run the ACM IPSC regionals on every year.
  • portknock
    This is a fully functional portknock server and client, implemented in C/C++. It hasn't been worked on in a while since it is the authors opinion that portknocking, whilst usefull, is more bothersome that what it's worth.
  • snifflog
    This program was written as support for a paper written for the ISSA 2004 conference by Jaco Kroon. The paper is also available here.
  • sftpsh
    A replacement shell that restricts users to using the sftp subsystem of ssh. Usefull for ISPs.
  • torpage
    A centralised distfiles fetching system for Gentoo Linux written entirely in bash. Just to prove a point.
  • ulogport
    A support program for portknock. Should probably be merged. This project resulted in the discovery of a DoS attach against pre 2.4.21 kernels, albeit it was already fixed by the time the author discovered the problem.