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Torpage is an application developed in order to help reduce the number of extranious downloads of packages that is caused by running Gentoo in a highly distributed environment like an university (We use it on over 400 workstations and 10 servers in my department alone).

Torpage basically forwards all download requests to a central server which then performs the fetches, after which the torpage fetcher optionally calls another program to fetch the file from this server (I can recommend using some other file-sharing mechanism like nfs).

More detailed instructions on using torpage can be found inside the README file inside the archive.

Please support the bug report to get torpage included in the tree:

torpage-0.2.10 source (17K) ebuild
torpage-0.2.9 source (13K) ebuild
torpage-0.2.8 source (13K) ebuild
torpage-0.2.7 source (13K) ebuild
torpage-0.2.6 source (13K) ebuild
torpage-0.2.5 source (13K) ebuild
torpage-0.2.4 source (13K) ebuild
torpage-0.2.3 source (12K) ebuild
torpage-0.2.2 source (12K) ebuild
torpage-0.2.1 source (12K) ebuild
torpage-0.2.0 source (11K) ebuild


Thu Jul 5 11:42:18 - torpage 0.2.10

  • Add whirlpool digest method.

Mar 6 2011, 12:45 - torpage 0.2.9

  • Newer versions of OpenSSL adds a filename tag in front of the actual checksum, just get rid of it.

Dec 16 2010, 19:00 - torpage 0.2.8

  • Improved verbose feedback and split OK checking out of loop (solves scope problems)
  • Nasty hack to deal with ${URI} -> ${FILE} rename structures.
  • Make default fetch commands go guiet.
  • Export CATEGORY, PN and PF for use by sub-torpage_fetch processes.
  • Use pipefail so we can log downloader exit codes.
  • Give a full path to -O instead of messing with -P to wget.

June 14 2010, 23:30 - torpage 0.2.7

  • Implement lockf based locking.
  • torpage-lockf
  • Replace the protocol determination and command determining code.
  • Only check checksums on startup if we have a non-empty file.
  • Update lockfile location.
  • Don't stop checking checksums at first bad checksum.
  • The default FETCHCOMMAND uses -O in portage now, clone to torpage.
  • Take a third parameter to torpage_fetch for ${FILE}
  • Make scripts executable.

November 15 2007, 07:02 - torpage 0.2.6

  • Fix distfiles_cleanup to function with new distfile digests.

April 9 2007, 10:34 - torpage 0.2.5

  • Use Manifest files instead of digest files.
  • Add sha256 and sha512 methods.

Feb 25 2006, 19:18 - torpage 0.2.4

  • SECURITY: Authentication fix
  • Use OpenSSL to perform digesting

May 6 2005, 17:48 - torpage 0.2.3

  • Bugfix: make.conf should only be sourced once at the beginning of torpage_server and never again.
  • Removed the use of TORPAGE_PORTDIR which should never be set in any case.
  • Added some rudementary usage info into torpage_fetch.
  • check that second parameter is in fact a directory - else wget will create it.

April 14 2005, 21:52 - torpage 0.2.2

  • Improved on the distcleanup_script
    • added detection of PORTDIR and DISTDIR
    • avoid symbolic link problems of ${PORTDIR} and ${DISTDIR}
    • got rid of empty lines in distfiles list
    • set a trap to rm the tempfile instead of manual (^C still rms it now)
    • PORTDIR_OVERLAY is also taken into consideration

March 30 2005, 17:05 - torpage 0.2.1

  • Fixed a small bug where the proto:// thing didn't go upercase before looking up ${FETCHCOMMAND_${PROTO}}
  • Added file locking
  • Added umask capabilities to control file permissions of newly created files.

March 28 2005, 16:45 - torpage 0.2.0

  • Enhanced the protocol, rewrote large parts of the system.
    • This version is not backwords compatible.
  • No longer reliant on the emerge command on the server.
  • Should now be able to run on non-gentoo systems (will test on debian eventaully)
  • now making use of FETCHCOMMAND_TORPAGE="..." in /etc/make.conf
  • Much improved skiprocheck patch.
  • Added distfiles_cleanup script (still needs some work).

Des 11 2004, 00:38 - torpage 0.1.4

  • Removed locking for real.
  • Marked as unstable on amd64.

Nov 11 2004, 07:08 - torpage 0.1.3

  • Fixed the shutdown part of /etc/init.d/torpage
  • Removed locking as portage now performs locking on fetches.
  • Added patch to allow for disabling ro checking performed by portage. Allows for using ro /usr/portage mounted from the server.

Sep 20 20:32 - torpage 0.1.2

  • Improved logging. Much more info will now get logged.
  • More complete /etc/torpage.conf default configuration.

Sep 16 20:01 - torpage 0.1.1

  • Allow for use of localhost as the torpage server by checking for (and exporting) FETCHCOMMAND and RESUMECOMMAND environment variables before invoking the ebuild fetch command.
  • More robust locking (will now lock per package on $PN instead of $PF since files within packages sometimes overlap with different versions still allowing for file corruption). This is only acceptable as a temporary solution. The better way would be to hack out the filenames out of the ebuild and then lock on $PF again as well as on all the individual files.

Sep 12 23:21 - torpage 0.1

  • Initial release.