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  • Why Open Source
    Just too many people ask me why I use Linux and not Windows - hope this helps.
  • Gentoo Portage and Blocking
    Every now and again something comes along that bothers me. Something that, imho, can and _should_ be done better. This is one of those things, the Gentoo emerge command is good, very good. But there are still a lot of space for improvement.
  • Proprietary software is BAD
    So I finally cracked. Just one too many cases of "What operating systems are you using?", "Gentoo Linux", " ... ... uhrm, sorry sir?" "Gentoo Linux, no, it's not some funny variant or version of the Windows operating system", "uhm, ok. well sir, I don't know how to help you then.". With appologies to Digitech (You were just the last straw). I'll "document" some other cases as I have time and can dig through archives for more info.
  • Windows woes
    I've decided it's finally time to tell Microsoft about specific problems I have with their software. This is a collection of specific problems I have experienced with Microsoft Windows (various versions).
  • nVidia vs ATi
    A short rant comparing nVidia and ATi, not in terms of stability or performance, but rather with regard to usability.
  • The State of Network File Systems
    The state of network file systems caused me to dispair. This rant tries to explain.
  • Things not to do remotely on servers
    A shortish list of things that should not be done remotely on servers (some of these are things that should not be done in general). These things cannot be fixed remotely. Not easily in some cases, no way in others.
  • Hoary Breakfast
    Some photos from the Hoary Breakfast held on the morning of April 16, 2005.
  • Internet Explorer
    IMHO the worst thing for the Internet ever. It's ability to infuriate me is extreme. It's absolutely broken in every other aspect. It'll misrender html that passes the validators.

Rants by other people (on other sites)

Some rants I've read from other people with which I mostly agree