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Rant: Hoary Breakfast

A while back someone mailed the PLUG and TLUG mailing lists to organise this breakfast (16 April 2005). Unfortunately I forgot about the camera until a lot of people have already left (Including those that have been tying me up trying to convince me that IMPI is good, as I said in my mail to TLUG: "leave my Gentoo alone!"). Here is what I got though (Click the images for the 1024x768 versions - I'll write a better album thingy at a later stage):

photo1 All set up outside Herr Gunters in Hatfield. The alchohol has evaporated by now and the geeks inside us is coming out. On the left Derick is facing away from us and Karl is sitting with his "laptop" litteraly on his lap. At the far back is Tim - the person who supplied the networking equipment :). Can't remember the other people's names right now - if you're one of them, mail me. We used to fill the table at the back as well.
photo2 A closer look at some of the equipment we used. For sentech and iBurst users - that shield thingy is how to boost your signal, same idea as a satelite dish.
photo3 I'm almost ashamed to show this one, but someone decided to make mince meat of one of the IMPI CDs that Andre has come to hand out. The sigs are just there for the heck of it. Don't ask me who's done this - I really don't know.
photo4 Some more of the crowd (These guys - and girl - just couldn't handle the cold). On the left from left to right is Alan (organiser of the LPI exams we had in February and the upcoming exam event in May at LinuxWorld), Edwin and Louise (both of whom I've worked with at the University). On the right is Chris nearest to us and Andrew in the middle (also worked with him at the University). 5 down, 1 to go.

Above photos are copyright © 2005 Jaco Kroon. You can use them as you please, and redistribute in the orriginal form.

photo5 Right, this is where we orringally sat. I don't know all the people, those that are here that isn't above is myself (talking to Alan - I'm the blonde), and Andre (Creator of IMPI Linux).
photo6 Yea, another one of all the geeks staring at yet another LCD screen. Ah, one can actually see IMPI there on my screen (installed in the 20GB partition where Windows used to be).

These photos were supplied by Tim Haak. Thanks (He tried to mail them to the list but I decided it would be cruel to dialup users).