Kroon Information Systems

Periodically I write patches against GPL software to make them function more like what I would like them to. The ones I want to make public I post here.

  • GNX-storage
    This patch is in mainline kernel now. It was written to work around a buggy usb-storage implementation in the GNX4 guitar effects processing unit from Digitech.
  • nvidia-suspend-resume
  • ati-suspend-resume
    Patches for suspending/resuming the AGP garts for nvidia (common on nForce boards) and the ATi IXP gart. Not sure whether these are still needed but they allowed me to at the time to suspend/resume. I now switch my desktop (With nVidia) off entirely in the evenings, and the ATi based notebook has other issues preventing me from suspending but I really aught to give this a twirl again on 2.6.21.x.
    A small patch against the script to actually make it work properly with VERP. Can't remember where I found the orriginal script.
  • ppp-2.4.4-auth_fail
    Patch against ppp-2.4.4 to make it execute /etc/ppp/auth-fail whenever we get an authentication failure. The only reason I should only ever get these is due to the fact that I've hit a hardcap on my ADSL, and this allows me to automatically switch to my next account (And to then perform usage checks for old account to confirm that it's over the cap).
  • ppp-2.4.4-LOCALNAME
    Add a LOCALNAME variable to the script environment. This variable contains the username that we used to authenticate ourselves to the peer. This is the value passed to the user option.
  • ppp-2.4.4-LOCALNAME-auth_fail
    Unified LOCALNAME and auth_fail patch.