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LPI Training

LPI (or the Linux Professional Institute) aims towards providing a consistent Linux qualification, named the LPIC (Linux Professional Institute Certification). I'm currently LPIC-3 qualified.

Please note that all info beyond this point was written before the LinuxWorld in Johannesburg, May 2005. If there is enough interrest this might be revived.

Along with Alan McKinnon we are currently providing training for this event. I'll be concentrating on LPIC-1 whilst he'll be handling the training for LPIC-2. Not sure yet how he'll be distributing information but I'll be placing information etc on this page.


18 April 9:08: Venue confirmed. ELB 4-66, see the schedule below.


I'll be "lecturing" on the 101 objectives on Tuesday evenings and on the 102 objectives on Thursdays at 19:00, the venue is the University of Pretoria, Computer Science department. We are situated in the Education Law Building, we'll be using room 4-66. That room can probably take about 15 people, maybe a few more (There is a bigger venue available, but not nearly as comfortable, we'll only move if we have to). If you need instructions on how to get there, please check here.

101 Objectives
19 April Installation
Hardware Configuration
Device Management
26 April Linux Filesystems (FHS)
File Management
Process Management
Software Installation (rpm+deb)
3 May Command Line
Text Processing
Advanced Text Manipulation
vi (not vim)
10 May X

102 Objectives
21 April No Cramming Session
(I'm not available)
28 April The Linux Kernel
Booting Linux
Basic Security
Users and Groups
Other Admin Tasks
(This will probably overflow into the next session)
5 May Bash Scripting and then some
12 May Network Configuration
Network Services

Note that printing isn't covered.

Training Material


These guides, modified by our own Alan McKinnon. He used them for his own training and I'll probably use this too.

Training material for the 101 exam. This is what I personally used, albeit I wrote on the debian package manager.

This looks like the guide you quickly want to run through a day or so before the exam as a checklist. You need to know what you're talking about before you rely on just this.

Alan: "If anyone finds this book for sale in a local bookstore, please post the store to this list so that everyone can benefit. Ross has delivered more LPI training to more people than anyone else I can track down. I have a copy of this book and it's starting to becoming the second reference I reach for when I need to find out something. First is still the man pages"

A good intro by Novell. This looks like it will become a several-part series, worth watching as it unfolds.

From IBM. 8 tutorials, you are however required to register.

David Horton has a good self-study guide with excellent sample questions. David has been writing Linux documentation for what seems like forever.